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Marco Tagliafierro. June 2021.


Camilla Gorini immediately expressed the sense of an intimate communication with Letizia Cariello, a very strong contiguity about their mutual understanding of the concept of collaboration.

Not only that, the photographic lens has identified in the cooperation between Cariello and Strato, between an artist and architecture, some key passages of what is, in effect, an appeal to honest confrontation between people who work in aesthetic field but from "other" positions, overturning perspectives, one with respect to the other. Camilla Gorini pointed out to Letizia Cariello a fragment concerning Lucio Fontana in an epistolary dialogue with Santiago Cogorno, Fontana wrote verbatim words: "... I am convinced that art will develop in another form [....] and almost surely, it is necessary to bring art back into public works [....] for me it is a greater satisfaction to create one of my works in collaboration with an architect rather than to sell a painting ....

Lucio Fontana collaborated with Nanda Vigo and with Mila Schön, Letizia Cariello with Strato and more, they are in fact polytechnic artists. One can only acknowledge the obvious plausibility of an authentic exchange that generates the decision to choose a photographer artist to photographically interpret another artist, by virtue of mutual esteem. The interpretation that this refined photographer artist has always operated in order to make explicit the unspoken qualities of the material is incredible, the material that through her gaze returns to be a partner that responds with its own signs.

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